Tummy Time Guidelines | How to Master Tummy Time

You may have stumbled on this page because you weren’t sure about how to start with tummy time, what to expect, and the general guidelines and expectations out there. You may be a first-time mom with a newborn, or maybe you’re an experienced mom looking for reassurance that you’re doing things right. It’s tough being […]

Complete Guide to Baby-Wearing

baby wearing mom

What is Baby-wearing? Baby-wearing is the act of carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier which safely secures the baby to your body. You can walk around, sit down, do chores and more with a baby! Baby carriers have been around for thousands of years. Parents have used bedsheets, scarves, pieces of animal hide, […]

Newborn Routine | How to Get Things Done With a Baby

This post is all about how to get things done with a baby. At the end I also share with you my newborn routine, so you can have an idea of how I get things done with my newborn. Life with a newborn is oh-so-special, with lots of cuddles and kisses and getting to know […]