Easy DIY Salt Scrub

If you’ve looked online or in stores, salt scrubs can be crazy expensive (for no apparent reason). Luckily, they are so simple to make at home!  This salt scrub only requires 2 ingredients, and you likely have them sitting around your house, so it won’t break the bank.   Why salt scrub? Salt scrubs are […]

Winter Skin Care Tips: Take Care of Your Skin Naturally

Winter time is harsh on your skin! With low indoor humidity and  harsh outdoor conditions, it is hard to keep your skin from being dry, irritated, and dull. These are the best winter skin care tips for keeping your skin glowing in the winter, naturally. This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn […]

2-Ingredient No-Heat DIY Body Butter

During the winter months, boy how my skin get thirsty! My babies and I (and even my husband) use this DIY body butter this season. In fact, we’ve totally gotten rid of the need for tons of lotions and salves sitting around, because this product does an excellent job of replacing them. All with no […]

8 Natural Beauty Products Worth Spending Your Money On

Want to find out which natural beauty products are worth trying out? Keep on reading to find out! Why natural beauty products? After becoming a mom, I started becoming really interested in what was going on my skin and my children’s skin. When I started researching the ingredients lists on my products, I noticed that […]

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair

What is jojoba oil? Jojoba oil is actually not technically an oil! It is a liquid wax that has been used in dermatology for thousands of years. Native Americans used it long ago for skincare and medicinal purposes. It is now used in the cosmetic industry as additives in skin and hair products. It is […]